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Max Mara lands on Roblox with an edutainment experience
There is a planet where meadows are expanses of fabric and trees are giant spools; a place where people can ride a rollercoaster transporting the iconic 101801 coats; a world for meeting, exploring, creating, and learning together. This world is called Max Mara Coats Adventure, the gaming experience through which the Italian company enters the virtual universe of Roblox - a global immersive platform for connection and communication with 70 million daily active users.

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When fashion meets fun

Max Mara Coats Adventure is a new live space, populated by user avatars and dozens of Teddy Bears helping them overcome a series of challenges.
Max Mara Coats Adventure includes four areas: TailorTrax, a lab where fashion meets music, Pattern Lab, a virtual tailor’s shop, Color Parkour, a series of paths where you collect coloured spheres that make up the brand’s colour palette, and WunderKammer, an imaginative labyrinth co-created with Atelier dell’Errore - an artistic collective hosted by the Collezione Maramotti from Reggio Emilia - in which “daimons” (virtual creatures that accompany every player’s avatar) are put together.
Get ready for a thrilling, rollercoaster ride on the Max Mara Coats Adventure!

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Max Mara Coats Adventure - The Making Of

Max Mara Coats Adventure: how we landed on Roblox.
Discover how the Max Mara values were transformed into fun, artistic expression and an opportunity for edutainment, and what challenges were faced in the planning process on Roblox.

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